Pure Essential Oils for your Headache * PastTense

Let me introduce you to my life saver. It's the doTerra PastTense- a blend of pure essential oils I use for my headaches. For me it works fast and better than pain killers. I carry it in my purse AT. ALL. TIMES. I am writing this post because I just used it on my head and the back of my neck because I had a headache coming on and wanted to stop is right way! If you get headaches give it a try.

Is there something you like to use for your headaches?

This is what doTerra has to say about it.

"PastTense dōTERRA's proprietary blend for tension and the discomforts associated with headaches, provides calming comfort with the strength of CPTG essential oils of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary. Packaged for convenient application in a roll-on bottle. For aromatic and topical use."

p.s. I am an independent doTerra distributor but as always unless I believe in something and really love it I write about it other wise it wouldn't be on my blog. All opinions are my own :) 
I decided to sell doTerra pure essential oils because first, I tried them and love them and got hooked on using them for everything from making my own cleaners to adding them to my recipes to helping my headaches.  I needed to support my addiction. Second, I needed something to keep Sweet Life in The Valley thriving as in an income since I am a single mom doing it all on my own.

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