Happenin in The Valley * Zoobie Pets for those in Need

All this week and next week Zoobies is giving away Zoobies Blanket Pets to families in need for the Holidays. All you have to do is stop by the Zoobies offices in Provo, Utah and tell them the story of those they are wanting to help, and they will send you away with free product to give! I love that the kids who might not have a Christmas present this year will have one thanks to the generousness of Zoobies. Thanks for making life Sweet!

p.s. Zoobies Blanket Pets are a sweet stuffed animal that is first a toy then a pillow then a blanket. Love them! They are great for traveling too.

Zoobies Blanket Pets
Hours: 9am-5pm Mom-Fri
Address: 1111 W. 100 S. #2 Provo, Utah

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