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I have found BBQ heaven right here in Orem. D Boys BBQ makes amazing smoked meats but they don't stop with the meats. They also know how to serve up the savory smoked morsels. For the salad lovers a delicious smoked turkey with pecans and cranberries over a bed of lettuces is very satisfying. See the thick slice of garlic bread on the side? Most if not all the time when a meal is served with some garlic bread or bead its a second thought, almost, just a mediocre filler item, not with D Boys BBQ. Their thick slice of garlic bread is perfectly toasted and BOTH sides garlic buttered making it a nice even balance of flavors.

{The smoker at D Boys BBQ}

The smoked meats a sooo good! D Boys BBQ uses cherry wood. If you have smelled cherry wood smoke you will know the sweet smell that brings memories of summer camping, winter evenings by the fire and a good smoked meat. It is the kind of smoky smell that is mellow. The kid you don't mind lingering in the air. The Diamond boys have created a great blend of smoked meats with their own rub mix and a very special BBQ "nasty" sauce.
At D Boys BBQ even the kids menu items are great. I love it when a kids menu offers more than chicken nuggets. We tried the kids Wrangler Dinner that included a side of choice such as sweet potato fries, coleslaw, baked potato and other such goodness. This is what a kids menu should look like.
How about the Shooters? They are only $1. Time to trade up your dollar menu meal to their tasty smoked pulled pork or beef. Try it. I know you will love it. I tried all the meats and everyone of them was perfection.
Have a look at the whole menu, click here: D Boys BBQ Menu 

Sweet Tip:
ValPak has some great coupons for D Boys BBQ including a free shooter and 2 BBQ Sandwiches for $10

D Boys BBQ
294 N State Street
Orem, UT
Facebook: D Boys BBQ

{food provided by D Boys BBQ for review but as always I only write about the products and food I like. }

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