Sweet Family Life * We're HUGE Nintendo Fans

We are huge Nintendo fans in our family. I love that most of the games are family friendly including the Mario Party games. New Mario Party 9 makes it more fun for the whole family to join in. Some of the new features include the four player game board and the group cart that all the characters ride in together to go to each mini game on the game board.

Since it is more of a game of luck than skill it makes it easier for the younger members of the family feel like they have just as much of a chance of winning as the older ones. It would be a great birthday gift or a great game to play when friends are over on a rainy day. We give it a 4 thumbs up at our house.


Karen T said...

These are my favorite types of video games. The whole family can get involved and the games don't take all night.

Kai said...

I've seen too many childhood friendships ruined by Mario Party to condone this post. Only joking.

Kai said...

One of the greatest, "we were best friends before we started playing this" games I can recall.