Now Sweet Life in the Green Mountains * Our Big Move

It's official we are now Vermonters living in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont (for now.) Vermont is full of green trees which turn a vivid rainbow of colors in the fall, big old barns, white churches, Victorian homes, towns that are over 200 years old, dairy farms which means the best cheese, good kind people, old and young men who have long beards, harvest balls, tons of rivers, lakes and ponds, great skiing, green mountains, pure Vermont maple syrup and good food. We'll still keep you updated with good food, home, garden, and travel posts.
{maple syrup grading-photo by Season Atwater photography}

Until then... It's spring here in Vermont it's time to sugar which means the sap is flowing and the sugar houses are boiling up some of the finest maple syrup in the world.

After all Backwoods is the new black!

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Lisa B. said...

I've always wanted to visit Vermont! What a beautiful state!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!