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this post is part of a Collective Bias campaign for Walmart Family Mobile. This post is 100% all my experience. #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

As we mention before we have been on the hunt for an affordable mobile phone options for my teens. It had to be affordable with no change of going over minutes or texting limits. It had to be a cheap wireless plan that worked for our family. We decided to try out the new Walmart Family Mobile plan and see what we thought. We had the choice to either use a phone we had or to buy one of the great selection of super affordable Family Mobile smart phones as you can see below.

We decided to use one smartphone which happen to be a T-Mobile phone we already had that's in great shape and to buy another one that is a more basic phone the Family Mobile-Samsung T139 Cell Phone for the 15 year old who isn't allowed to have web service yet and who is rough on phones. This helped us save money while still getting a great phone and phone services. The $39.88 for unlimited talk, text and web is hard to beat.

Activation was super easy. We bought the starter kit ($25) for each phone which includes the SIM card and the activation information and easy instructions. I was going to activate the phone online but decided to call in to the activation line. I loved that I was able to talk to a real person, I could choose my preferred area code and that I could request a number what hasn't been used yet. You can use a phone you already have but if it isn't a T-Mobile phone or a Family Mobile phone it will need to be unlocked.

Since the coverage is on the T-Mobile network the coverage has been the same as when we had our T-Mobile contracts.

One thing that was an added bonus for adding a second line is that we received a $5 a month discount yay!

Highlights- We are billed monthly after use. No contract. No credit check. Easy to activate. Great phone selection. Super great price for unlimited use. AND parental controls of the internet use on the added lines. I LOVE this feature!!

Go check out more about the Walmart Family Mobile plan powered by T-Mobile and see what you think. We are really liking it so far.

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