The Flora and Fauna of Vermont * Green Mountains

One of my favorite things about Vermont is that daily I am inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. I decide that one day rather than just taking a walk I would choose one thing to find on my walk. One day it was to see how many different wild flowers I could see (more that 20 in less than a mile) and another how many different ferns I could find along the trail. The photos above are a few of the different mushrooms I saw along the trail on my walk. My next goal is to take a field guide along with me so I can learn the identity of all these beautiful bits of nature.
One more thing I have observed about Vermont is that the soil is different here. Much much different than the hard dusty soil of The Valley in Utah. The soil in Vermont is loamy. It feels like a soft sponge under foot. It's so pleasant to walk on bare foot.  I'm sure it a combination of the mosses, decaying vegetation and the deep dark richness that contributes to this earthy cushion in Vermont.

April-Living the Sweet Life

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