Sweet Family Life * Reply to a Younger Mother

I began writing a comment in a bloggers group on Facebook in reply to this bloggers blog post on Overbearing In-Laws. It turned into a whole blog post. 

I have to laugh at this because I did not like the way my my in-laws, now ex-laws did many things. I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted it my way which of course was just selfish. I was establishing my own little family unit. I forgot as most twenty something parents of small children do, that I was a part of a family that was more than just me and him and our kids.

My twins are now adults and we have talked about having a close family in their adult years. This means when they choose someone to marry they have to think about how it will affect the closeness we have as a unit. Also, remember just as you are a parent to your young children your parents are parents the rest of your life not just during your childhood. They have experience. They should be your first council you go to for advice outside your marriage (if you are blessed with good parents). 

Our society has a problem with remembering to respect the matriarchs and patriarchs of their family. It is happening in most families these days. Most affluent and successful families hold regular family councils, one on one meeting with parents and grandparents. They also have family trusts. I've recently saw this mantel of marticarch and head of family passed on to my mother when my grandmother passed on in June. My mother is now the head of the family and it does literally makes a difference. I see the way she handles things within the family has changed with this new station. Respecting how your family you chose to marry into does things is very very important. Especially when they are a good family wanting to do good things for their children and grandchildren. There will be much bigger mountains to climb within a family than how you run a family get together. 
With hopes for wonderful families full of love, respect and joy- April

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