The NOT so Sweet Life * Severe Vitamin D Deficiancy * Very Grateful Today

Looks like I will be taking a sunny beach vacation very very soon... Dr's orders Hooray!

Today I am very very grateful for a doctor who suggested I add a vitamin D level blood test to my panel of more blood tests.

15 years of suffering is way too long. Why didn't one of the many doctors from the family practitioners (mind you more than the 3 I've seen) to the endocrinologist, to the neurologist do this test!?!!! It is such a simple blood test. It is so much cheaper than the MRI, CT Scan, Blood panels, emergency room visits, prescriptions and several visits to offices I have been to over that past 15 years. I have suffered from...

  • Weight gain to the tune of 110 pounds !!! not from over eating or lack of exercise
  • Migraine Headaches causing risk of stroke plus the need for strong pain meds
  • Vision Problems making it hard to work and just plain see!!
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Achy Joints, Muscles and Bones so bad I couldn't do anything for days at a time
  • Chronic Fatigue a**holes telling me I'm just lazy
  • Hypothyroid
  • Memory and Foggy Brain Problems
  • Loss of my period for 6 months thinking I'm going into early menopause 
  • Daily Asthma Attacks requiring use of my inhaler every time I laugh
  • And down right feeling like I'm going crazy!!
PLUS, this also puts me at high risk of cancer, prematurely aging bones, dementia, macular degeneration of my eyes and cardiovascular health issues such as a heart attack. 

What is this crazy thing that my OB/GYN decided to test for after all these years- Severe Vitamin D Deficiency. Guess what? I was low, very very low!

WHY DIDN'T ONE OF THE MANY DOCTORS I SAW OVER THE PAST 15 YEARS DO THIS TEST!?!? One thing I have learned over the 20 years of adulthood. Our health is in our own hands.

Guess what else!?! It's super easy to fix. I have been put on a high dose of Vitamin D via prescription from my doctor.

What do I have to do to finally feel better?

  • I take 500,000 IU of Vitamin D once a week for 6 weeks then reduce the dose to maintain my levels. 
  • Spend 1/2 hour a day in sun without sun block. I will be exposing my legs I prefer to keep the wrinkles away from my face as long as possible.
My level was at 16. August is the month that your vitamin D levels are suppose to be at their highest this time of the year. I can only imagine what mine are at come January. 
I took my first does of Vitamin D yesterday and I am already feeling so much better today. I will keep you all updated in 6 weeks after my therapeutic level doses are done. 
I am hoping for some weight loss (fingers crossed), no more head aches, more energy and clearer thinking and just plain feeling good again. 

If you feel like crap for any reason go get tested. It's worth it. You never know and the research has shown 1-6 people have severe Vitamin D deficiency. That is just too high not to be a regular test when someone is feeling horrible all the time.

I wrote this post because I hope no one ever has to suffer like I did for as long as I did.

April~ Living the Sweet Life

I took this photo when I was sitting on the beach along the Emerald Cost Florida

CAUTION: This is what my experience is under Doctor supervision.. Vitamin D is a oil soluble vitamin and you can OVER DOSE if you don't use it right. This is in no way a medical advise post. 

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