Back to School Week * Cherish Bound Story Books

{school project photos by Sweet Life Photography-me}
Though I have put together some basic handmade books for my kids in the past they were not a lovely library quality book like those from Cherish Bound. I am creating a book for all of my kids from their elementary school years. We always take a picture the first day of school as well as photos of the fun activities, plays, performances, field trips and other school related activities. It will be so fun for my kids to look back at their memories of school. It is a prefect way for you to spend some time as a family creating the stories of their lives. All though my book will be covering the past 9 years, a smaller book for each school year would be perfect too. I love that Cherish Bound has a whole set of Story Starters to spark some memories as you write your story. They have the Chat Cards to help you start your conversation on the stories you want to tell too.
Cherish Bound is our Back to School best way to keep your school days memories alive choice of the year.

Another thing of note. Cherish Bound will be a part of the 2009 Timpanogos Story Telling Festival 20th Anniversary Festival Sept 3-5, 2009
This amazing festival is of story telling at it's finest with workshops on how to tell a story as well as performances for young and old.
I am excited to attend the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival for the first time this year. Since my birthday is September 4th and Labor Day is that weekend we are usually out of town but this year we are going. I am so excited.

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