In The Kitchen * Pans & Pancakes

I was given a pan and a pancake mix to try so I decided to have pancakes for lunch. We started by mixing up the Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy Hotcakes mix. It was easy as can be. Simply add mix & water. It really took seconds.

Then I took a bag of frozen berries and some agave syrup. I like to make berry syrup if I don't fresh real Vermont maple syrup on hand. Simply thaw berries and add agave to taste.

 Next, I put the Starfrit Light Cast Iron Pan to the test on pancakes. I am happy to report that the pancakes turned out nice and even. I have been using the Starfrit cast iron pan for things like grilled cheese and scrambled eggs the past couple of weeks. I love that it heats evenly across the entire pan, it hold heat so you can turn your burner down and it has a toxic free non-stick reinforced ceramic surface that also prevents rusting.

We started with a pan and a pancake mix and ended up with yummy pancakes for lunch.

Thanks to Lehi Roller Mills & Starfrit for providing the pan & the pancake mix to review-no they didn't pay me to say I like them I just do.

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