Local * Christmas Trees at Sun River Gardens

Since there was so much snow on the mountain this year when it was time to get our tree we were not able to get our Christmas tree from our family's land. We looked around to find a quality Christmas tree and found Sun River Gardens in Orem. I was so impressed with the selection and fresh beautiful trees they have on their lot.

We saw White fir, Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Alpine Fir, Douglas Fir and even some Pinion Pine. We chose a Noble Fir this year.

How do you check to make sure your Christmas tree will fit? I used my twins. If the tree is about the same height as their reach it will fit in our house. I am sure bringing a measuring tape is a much more reliable way to choose.

Sunriver Gardens is wonderful about trimming the bottom of the tree for us as well as a few of the lower branches so our Christmas tree will fit into the stand. I did not want to do this at home. It was such a help to have it done on the lot. Just be sure to get your tree in water right away.

We took it home on top the car. Don't forget to bring an old blanket or cloth of some sort to protect the top of your car. Our tree is so pretty fresh fragrant and perfect {it looks like it could be fake.} It is a wonderful alternative to cutting down our own. Thanks Sun River Gardens!
Happy Holidays!

Sun River Gardens
1248 North State St.
Orem, Utah

Disclosure- tree provided by Sun River Gardens. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 


Kerin said...

Great tree!!
I love reading your blog! I was born and raised in Utah county, and now, I live a few hours south of Provo.
I love that you keep us updated on all the going-ons!!
Now, I can plan a trip and see what's new :)

Simply the Sweet Life said...

Thanks Kerin- It is a lot of fun to write Sweet Life in The Valley.
We had a great time picking out our Christmas tree.
Happy Holidays!
April-Living the Sweet Life