Why is my meat thermometer in the shower again? * Sweet Family Life

If you are a parent or have been a parent for a few years you know that finding things in places you would never expect to see them is a no surprise. When my son was a baby he was crawling funny and I took off his pajamas to find a Christmas light cover{a spiky one that was poking him} in the toe of his PJ's. How it got there was a mystery to me since the lights with these covers were at the top of our Christmas tree! I am sure you have changed a diaper and found some goodies your toddler was saving for later. We have a scarf hanging in the apple tree that my niece added as a mini rope swing. BUT I am now the mother of teenage kids! so finding a meat thermometer seemed a bit odd. In stead of getting upset that my much used meat thermometer was in the shower again I asked... why, with much wonder and curiosity, is the meat thermometer in the shower again? Notice this was not the first time I found it in the shower. My son chimed in, " I wanted to see how hot I could get the water in the shower then I wanted to see how hot my shower is and then how cold I could get the shower water," in a very matter of fact way.  Hummm I thought, beaming as a proud mother excited to see my teens still exploring the world around them. This is exactly the kind of adults I want my kids to become. Adults that are curious, exploring, questioning, creating, self educating, finding answers to questions on their own. Next time you find something where it shouldn't be remember they are thinking out of the box and independent. Who knows who they might be the research scientist who finds the cure to cancer.

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