Oh Christmas Tree * Happenin in The Valley

Every year we choose a fresh Christmas tree from a local Christmas tree stand. This year we noticed a new Christmas tree stand that we learned is not so new. This past year Mr. Fred Parker of well known and loved Fred Parker Christmas Trees passed away. After working with Fred and learning the business cousins Mr.McCullan and Mr.Greenland took over the Christmas tree business and added the name McGreen's Trees which is a combination of their tow names. They are continuing the tradition of the freshest trees from Oregon. Yesterday when we visited the Mc Green's Christmas tree lot new trees had arrived. No sitting in a warehouse or sitting on the lot for a month already these were freshly cut 3 days before.

Our tree is so fresh! I think it maybe one of the freshest trees we have ever bought. The only fresher trees we've had are the ones we went and cut down ourselves on our family property. Be sure to have them cut the bottom off your tree so the cut is super fresh and ready for the Christmas tree stand full of water. The quicker you get your tree in water the better. We had ours in water within 15 minutes after it was cut. 

TIP: Be sure to use warm water not cold or cool when watering your fresh real Christmas tree. The cold water will make the sap seal the bottom of the tree trunk. 

After placing the tree in the tree stand check the water level about an hour later. Our tree had a good drink and the water level was low and needed to be refilled.

You may have noticed McGreen's with the Santa Mator truck out front. There is a story behind Mator as well. He is there for the kids and photos but he also is there to help collect money for hospital bills for Cole who is in the hospital. The family is without insurance. You can read the story on Mators hood which is propped up next to Mator.

If you are looking for a lovely gift for friends and neighbors McGreens sells bunches of branches priced to sell that you can use to make fresh garland. Add a little wild sage and juniper berries for a sweet Holiday gift.

You will find McGreen's Christmas Trees on the corner of Center Street and 220 West right across from Wendy's in Orem.

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are they branches.
Our Christmas tree is near perfect. We are so happy we visited McGreen's Christmas trees this year. {The photo doesn't even come close to showing how beautiful it is!}

Christmas tree for story provided by McGreen's Christmas Tree

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