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Valentines Idea no. 2

Remember the old days when people would carry around calling cards. You may have heard about these in a book or a movie. The Mandate Press makes beautiful letterpress calling cards. This would be a fun Valentine gift for a friend or lover that adores letterpress. Choose from a lovely selction or create your own design. They are giving the Sweet Life readers a nice little discount $10 off calling cards when you enter the coupon code "sweet" at the check out.


Maria said...

I love the first one! It reminds me of my wedding...our colors were black and white with a damask theme!! These cards are so cool!

Tara said...

VERY Cute!!! Love them...

BTW: Just got my Quasars!!!! Oh my gosh!

Vanessa said...

I love these calling cards, next time I have to refill mine I am going to check this place out first. My mother in law I guess always had calling cards since she was a teenager until now. She has been telling me to get some and I finally did! But I still feel silly when I hand them out :)

Vanessa from inevergrewup.net

Petit Elefant said...

Oh, those are great!

Motherboard said...

I have always wanted to have calling cards! It's so chic!

Your blog is beautiful!