Other Stuff * The Beauty of a Hand Written Letter

The other day I received a hand written letter from my sister. It was a nice to sit down and take a moment to read it. In the age of emails texting, twittering, facebook messaging we hardly even take the time to write a note or letter with a pen on pretty paper. It was a nice surprise to get a Thank You note in the mail from a company we featured. Another almost forgotten treat is the pen pal. My daughter has been pen pals with her cousin who lives across the country. They love getting each other's letters. It's a Sweet luxury to pick out stationary. Surprise someone with a thank you note or a letter asking them how they are doing. What a wonderful way to take time for the little Sweet things in life. I am sure it will brighten their day.

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Maria said...

I miss snail mail too! My dad writes me letters and I treasure them! He doesn't use cute paper though:) I need to work on that. ha!