Sweet Family Life * Birthdays!

This week is birthday week at our house. Let's just say our family is pretty much dominating the month of February with birthdays including our extended family.

My twins are into the full on teen years now-the big 14. I call them the "real teen" years. They have dances, high school, going to the movies and the mall with friends without mom, clothes and hair become important and the opposite sex is now a bit more interesting all coming up.

Do you remember 14? I do. It seems like yesterday. That yesterday for me was my first dance (a total awkward night), my first year in high school ( help me), my first boy friend (way too young), curling my hair in the bathroom at lunch (it was the 80's after all, you had to maintain that feathered hair), my first real hair cut that I chose, baby sitting jobs and not knowing what on earth I was doing. I sure hope my teens are smarter than I was, don't rebel too much and just have a freakin' blast! That's what the teen years are for after all- right!

To go along with the "real teen years" starting we had a movie night with popcorn, movie theater sized treats, soda pop, nachos, and amazing cupcakes rather than a cake.

We kept it simple. I found the popcorn containers at a local store in the dollar section. Those along with a fun vintage type air popcorn popper, a few balloons and the treats were the decorations. The kids choose a favorite movie and it was perfect for a 14 year old hang out and have fun birthday party.
Do you have any ideas for a teen birthday party? What did you do when you turned 14?


Becky said...

april! what a fun bday party! 14 was such a fun age for me...i remember being a mall rat and hanging out at the gap at University Mall (when it was by See's Candies, remember that!)

Love the treats and of course the cupcakes. Okay, now I am thinking I need to go to The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe. What's your favorite at the moment. You love the Party in my mouth, right?

... said...

Yes, I do remember the Gap over there. My favs at the Cocoa Bean Cafe are the "party in my mouth", carrot cake, and the Butterfinger is really good too.
April~Living The Sweet Life

Leslie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Your TWO Teens! WOW! 14 what a wonderful age! And a happy one to all those February born babies. 14 for me meant I could have boy/girl parties and go to the stake dances. And I was finally "big-enough" to admit which boy I had a crush on. Oh, PUPPY LOVE!

Michelle said...

Just found your blog and love it. What a fun, fun birthday party!