Sweet Home School * High School

We have been searching and trying to decide what our High School home school will look like. I have been looking around and found the KC Distance Learning through MomSelect. They asked to take and look at what KC had to offer. If we decide to go the accredited online class route it looks like KC Distance Learning has a great program.  I also like that you can choose to buy one course at the high school level so if you feel like you need a little help on a subject this option is available. In some states they offer free public school online and in some it is a private school program. You can have a look at what they have to offer in your area here: Online School Solutions. We choose to home school for several reasons. One of them is the flexibility of schedule and the ability to travel without missing lessons.
Bonus: they offer a family discount for additional children enrolling in classes.
Do you home school? Which program, curriculum or method do you use?


Sara said...

I was just fingering through my mom's Country Living magazine (I opted to let my subscription last-trying to pinch pennies-bad idea), and I saw a little blurb about you. Great site. I too am a Utah blogger and am pleased to find you.

. said...

I am so glad you found my little blog. Good to know a new Utah blogger.
April~Living The Sweet Life